Intensive Outpatient Treatment (also known as IOP for "Intensive Outpatient Program") is a primary treatment program recommended in some circumstances by a clinical and medical assessment. IOP may be recommended for those who do not need medically-supervised detox. IOP can also enable people in recovery to continue their recovery therapies following successful detox, on a part-time yet intensive schedule, designed to accommodate work and family life.

Start rebuilding your personal life and mending your important family ties right away, when you live at home and participate in intensive outpatient treatment.

With the Intensive Outpatient Treatment program, you are able to establish a foundation for long term recovery support in your local community right from the start of your treatment, instead of waiting until you return from living away in a rehab center.

To schedule an appointment or arrange for a clinical assessment for the intensive outpatient program, please call 407-654-7520


In the Intensive Outpatient Program, you receive services primarily through group sessions. However, you are also assigned an primary counselor that you will meet with on a weekly basis while in treatment. Groups are small and generally do not exceed 10 people, allowing for a safe environment. With intensive outpatient rehab, you have the support of your counselor and treatment peers as you navigate the everyday challenges of early recovery.

  • Core Program
  • Recovery Management
  • Family Issues

  • Alcohol and Other Drug Education
  • Triggers, Cravings, and Avoiding Relapse
  • Planning for Sobriety
  • Alcohol and Tobacco
  • Spirituality
  •  Sex, Alcohol, and Other Drugs
  • Stress and Emotional Well-Being
  •  Skills for Reducing Stress
  •  Negative Emotions
  •  Anger and Communication
  •  Relapse Prevention Basics

  • Introduction to Self-Help Groups
  • The 12 Steps
  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases
  • Focus on AIDS
  • Nutrition and Exercise
  • Physical Wellness
  • Problem Solving
  • Attitudes and Beliefs
  •  Human Needs and Social Relationships
  •  Education and Vocational Goals
  •  Money Management
  •  Insurance and Consumer Credit
  •  Sexual Abuse
  •  Compulsive Sexual Behavior
  •  Addiction and Loss
  •  Grief: Responding to Loss
  •  Spirituality and Personality
  • Advanced Relapse Prevention

  • Family Matters
  • You and Your Parents
  • Child Development and Parenting Skills


Our goal is to help you get back to living your life as normally & productively as possible, as soon as possible. We know you have a home life to maintain and that you need to find or keep your job, or attend school.

The program is conveniently scheduled 4 days per week (Monday, Wednesday through Friday) to accommodate your need for family, work, and school time, and your need to work on your recovery:

  • Daytime Group Sessions and Work Activities: 10:00 am - 1:00 pm
  • Evening Group Sessions and Work Activities: 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
  • Clinical Assessments by appointment please call 407-654-7520
  • Individual counseling by appointment please call 407-654-7520